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The Daisetsuzan National Park – Part 1: Sounkyo

Last weekend I decided that I had to see more of Hokkaido before the winter starts rolling in. Additionally, on most mountains above 1700m, the Autumn colours have already faded away. Therefore, I set out for the place which usually gets the Autumn colours first in Japan: Mount Kurodake. It is located roughly in the centre of Hokkaido and is part of the Daisetsuzan National Park.


I went there by bus, which is apart from going by car the cheapest way to get there. It takes around 4 hours from Sapporo and I had to change half-way at Asahikawa.


As the bus was just a regular bus, we stopped quite often along the way. This is Kamikawa Station, the furthest I could have gone by train.


When I arrived at my destination, Sounkyo, the weather cleared up a little and the variety of Autumn colours was amazing. The colours were especially rich because it had just rained…
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A visit to the Sapporo Station JR Tower

Last week after class, I took the opportunity to go on top of the Sapporo JR Tower. The Tower was built directly on top of the Sapporo Main Station and is, according to the brochure, “the place closest to the sky of Hokkaido” at 173m.

Sapporo JR Tower Entrance

Since it has only been completed ‘recently’ in 2003, the interior is very modern looking. But more on that later. An elevator takes one to the 38th floor for 720yen (~5€).

Sapporo JR Tower

The view from the observatory floor is amazing! Even more so because there are only very few other high buildings in Sapporo.
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A walk through Sapporo: The Autumn festival

So, this is my first blog post! As I am going to stay in Sapporo, Japan for half a year, I set out to explore the city a bit and took some pictures along to way. Coincidentally, it is therefore also my first walk through Sapporo :).


Hokkaido University

I started off at the Hokkaido University, because I had to get some registration stuff done. The University Campus is famous throughout Japan for its Gingko Tree Avenue. While I thought it already looked great, it’s supposed to get even better when the leaves start turning yellow. Looking forward to that!


Passing through the Avenue, the Sapporo Train Station isn’t far. The Station is quite big, considering that there are only a handful of train lines running through it. However, as I have come to notice Sapporo (and probably the whole of Hokkaido) are mostly travelled by car. So there are huge parking lots everywhere.


The roads are also fairly wide and straight. They are also organized in a grid, making it very easy to get around but a little drab as well.
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